Computer Networks Middle East

Secure IT Solutions​ for a more secure environment

CNME , resourcing connectivity between professionals, is located at Al Manakh , Sharjah. Group of talented, knowledgeable and result oriented engineers with vast experience in the field of telecommunication and computer networking have established the group in 1995.

CNME envisions price competitiveness, trustworthiness, quality services, customer satisfaction and allegiance to its existing and new customers. The company proudly provides expertise in the fields of IT infrastructure and networking with great deals of accuracy, perfection and satisfaction.

CNME is a group of companies, accepting all types of projects related to IT infrastructure and networking and offers comprehensive, cost effective IT solutions to all sectors. . Job orders are accepted from all regions of the United Arab Emirates. We are also partnered with companies in Canada and India.

CNME extends professional services to home users, small to medium enterprises, and corporate sectors. Company’s portfolio also provides advanced IT solution.

We are Specialized in

Structured Cabling

Fiber Products

Racks and Cabinets

Corporate Security

Home Security

Testing Instruments